When we started the journey in January as a school community we discussed…

When we started the journey in January as a school community we discussed the wicked problems set against critical and game problems.

The wicked problems are those that are out of your control. You can try and influence but ultimately others decide. The critical problems are those you can control while the game problems are the daily school issues.

So as e-mails landed in the inbox about budgets, Welsh Government directives and changes to reporting measures for the summer, it was time to park the wicked problems. The critical problem lay in the school grounds and so off I went to support the U’16s rugby team in their North Powys Final against Ruthin.

We won 35-5 and followed the girls U’14s Hockey County success just 24 hours earlier. And in a week where the school enjoyed considerable success in athletics, hosted a primary school sports competition and an eisteddfod, surely the school is becoming the answer to the wicked problems as well.

Invest in the school and in the community of Llanfair Caereinion and we will bring you success. As the Local Authority considers applications for multi-surface venues, given the collective promotion of sport across all age groups and across all sports, we must be in serious contention to reap the reward of the hard work of those both in and out of school.

We are naturally grateful for the £40k investment in the re-roofing of the leisure centre and just this week we have used the facility for an excellent Year 9 Parents Evening as well as cultural and sporting events. This is in addition to the community use. The Centre is important to us all.

On Monday 4th March at 7pm we host the inaugural Community Partnership meeting (main school building) as we work with the Town Council, Leisure and Health Services and ask Parents to voice their views on the school provision. It will assist the school is developing community projects. Nick Jones (Myrick Training) will be discussing apprenticeships.

On Wednesday 6th March at 6pm we will deliver the second Parents Revision Session for Year 11 Parents with mathematics, science and MFL presenting key tips for examination success. There will be musical performances as well.

Our partnership with the Town Council can only be good for the future of the community. Our pupils have so much to offer and can help shape and influence the solutions to the critical problems both on and off the pitch for the next generation. Who knows they may well help solve the wicked problems?

Just a thought! Enjoy the time together and have a safe half-term holiday.