Transport Form

Click on the link below to print out a School Transport Application form:

1. A pupil’s entitlement to transport can only be, confirmed by receipt of a travel permit or ticket from the Authority following completion and submission of this form by the applicant and NOT by any verbal communication.

2. Transport will only be available to and from one address, the pupil’s normal place of residence.  All distances in miles, quoted here, are measured by the shortest walking route.

3. In severe winter weather and in emergencies school transport may not operate and/or schools may close.

Parents should be aware of this and they may need to make appropriate arrangements for their children to be looked after.  Any parents who take their children to school in bad weather should arrange to bring them home.


1. To qualify for school transport, pupils attending Secondary Schools MUST reside 3 or more miles from the nearest school.

2. Linking transport is only provided for: Secondary School Pupils of statutory school age who reside two or more miles from a main school transport route.

3. Pupils who do not qualify for free transport as above may have the opportunity to apply for a seat under the terms of the Vacant Seat Payment Scheme (only if there are vacant seats on an appropriate vehicle).  For this purpose vehicles will not deviate from their official journey, nor will the Authority incur additional cost.

School Transport Application Form

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