Mission Statement

One’s effort is one’s reward

Caereinion High School’s mission, our central purpose, is to provide a stimulating bilingual environment – one which fosters a high quality of educational excellence in which hard work is rewarded.

The school’s main aims are to :

  • foster self-esteem and self-discipline and to develop a sense of pride and respect in one’s school and community;
  • ensure, as far as possible, that each pupil fulfills his/her potential;
  • encourage regular parental involvement by fostering open two-way communication between school and home;
  • provide equality of opportunity for all pupils (academically, socially, linguistically and culturally) regardless of ability, gender or background;
  • provide a happy, secure and caring environment in which learning is valued and encouraged;
  • provide pupils with the skills necessary to fully participate in a rapidly changing modern society.