Letters home

Eluned Downes – Team member, Bursar

Following our team meetings, Vickie and have I met to discuss how we could get the most out of the finance available and to extend the project to a wider audience. We are hoping to host a Weather Balloon launch, to which we will invite Year 6 pupils from other primary schools within the catchment area in addition to those from Caereinion Primary. Other departments within the school will be encouraged to become involved with this visit.
Expenditure to date include the cost of booking Techniquest (£520) Interlocking Cubes for communication activity (£14.99) Inflatable Solar System (£28.49) Rocket Launchers and accessories (£135.45). Total spent: £698.93, remaining in budget: £5,301.07.

Jane Peate – Team member, Headteacher at Ysgol Gynradd Llanfair Caereinion Primary School

We first met with all the Science staff at the high school and discussed some practicalities of setting up a science club in the primary school. This is not straight forward as the two schools do not have the same lunch timetables. It was decided to run the club from 12.15- 12.45pm or from 12.45 -1.15. As time at lunch time is limited a bilingual club would be the only practical option. Pupils from the high school visited school on Tuesday, October 16th to arrange a meeting with myself as headteacher.  I also teach Science to Year 5 and 6 pupils in the Welsh and English streams so when we meet on Tuesday 23.10.18 we can also discuss how the skills learnt in Science Club can be linked in with class work.

Ffion Morgan – Team member, Welsh Baccalaureate coordinator for the Sixth Form

The pupils (Sixth Form) have now been given a copy of the brief and are planning for the Science club. They are liaising with members of the science department and primary school staff to arrange a time to run the club. In the planning phase they will have to complete their aims and objectives for the club, do a risk assessment, identify roles and responsibilities for each other and prepare an action plan.

Tudor Jones – Team member, Science teacher

I attend Science Club weekly as a science teacher.  I support Vickie Faulkner in the delivery of the content and provide delivery through Welsh, as bilingualism is a strong ethos of the school.  This is a brief synopsis of our activities:

Team building-safely moving the “radioactive” source


Rocket Launch!


25/9/18 – “Astronaut training” – activities involving fitness of prospective astronauts.
2/10/18 – “Astronaut training” – team-building exercises that reflected the importance of communication in difficult environments.
9/10/18 – Using simple paper straws to introduce the concept of rockets and testing them to investigate which shapes and angles of flight were the most effective.
16/10/18 – We were in the gymnasium using the air propelled rockets. The pupils practicing firing rockets at different angles, and then moved on to investigate how flight was affected when a pay load of “blu tac” was added.

There are four members of the 6th form who help lead the activities; I help to mentor their development.

Gareth Smith – Team member, Science teacher

We met with all involved and designating roles,and looked at the new scheme schedule. We discussed extra ideas for external agencies to visit schools. I have been supporting Science club, who have been investigating space so far through the themes of Astronaut training – problem solving, reaction time, teamwork., and rocket building –looking at projectiles, forces and adaptations for effective flight. I’ve agreed to liaise with Mr. A. Williams (D.T. department) to develop the technological side, and also to help with I.T. as we plan the purchase of tablets to be used in science club and liaise with our service providers to in order to ensure we buy ones that they can support.