Letters home

Eluned Downes – Team member, Bursar

We have booked a company to launch a weather balloon next term, and now we are starting to look at the logistics for this event. We would like to involve our cluster of primary schools, to do this we need to make a whole day of the event with other activities. There is also the question of transport to consider.
Costs to date:
Gratnells rover trolley (Amazon) for transporting equipment to the primary school £136.30, delivery (Amazon) £3.75, Altimeter for rocket investigation £18.00, 35GB SD card for supporting taking photographs and video for the competition £18.00. Total remaining: £5119.50

Note from team leader.

I attended the session just to observe and offer moral support. The boys coped very well with an enthusiastic group! The primary school children were engaged and eager to contribute, they loved the inflatable planets. The session will be repeated next week for a second group, as so many had signed up to attend!

Jane Peate – Team member, Headteacher at Ysgol Gynradd Llanfair Caereinion Primary School

Four high school pupils visited school before half term and introduced themselves to the junior classes. They explained that they were going to be running a lunch time science club in school. Many pupils were very enthusiastic and were eager to attend. A poster was placed in the school corridor for pupils to write their names if they were interested in attending. 44 pupils placed their names on the list to attend. The high school pupils also produced a letter to inform parents of the new club.
The first session of the science club was held on Tuesday, November the 13th. The club was well attended. Unfortunately I was not present for the first club meeting as I was taking pupils to a swimming gala.

6th Form Presenters

“Firstly we met with the head teacher to discuss and organise a set of dates that worked for both parties. Then when the first session came about we went down to set up the starting activity. This involved pumping up inflatable planets to use as physical learning assistants to help with visualisation of the planets. Then we split up the pupils into groups and quizzed them on the planets they had been given and taught them about the planets once they had said all they knew. Lastly we prepared paper rockets, which we will use next session by shooting them using straws. We made them think about their design choices by asking several questions for them to think about while they construct the rockets. Those who didn’t finish the task due to time constraints will have an opportunity at the next session we have planned for that group.”

6th Formers introducing the club to a Primary Class6th Formers introducing the club to a Primary Class