Letters home

Eluned Downes – Team member, Bursar

The table below shows our complete expenditure for the first term. It includes the deposit for the Weather Balloon launch. This will be an exciting activity to which we are hoping to invite primary school pupils. The topic has also been opened to all subjects within the school.

Ffion Morgan – Team member, Welsh Baccalaureate coordinator for the Sixth Form

. The sixth formers have continued to run their science club for the primary school, presenting to the Years 3 and 4, and 5 and 6 on alternative weeks. They have been developing the rocket theme, and this should have led to a final launch day this week but it has been postponed until after Christmas because of adverse weather. On the day of the Techniquest visit they worked with the groups, guiding the various classes and assisting at the workshops.

Tudor Jones – Team member, Science teacher

Science club has continued with the rocket theme and pupils have developed and tested various prototypes. In the run up to Christmas they have been making bath bombs, an activity that was very popular and gave them the opportunity to see how STEM subjects are relevant to product development.

Matt Palmer – Team member, Head of Science

On the 27 November we welcomed Neil Chattle our Rolls-Royce Science Prize mentor to the school.

Year 8 with Mr Neil Chattle from Rolls-Royce investigating jet engines

Blwyddyn 8 gyda  Mr Neil Chattle o Rolls-Royce yn ymchwilio i beiriannau jet

He delivered an assembly to students in years 10 and 11 about the Rolls Royce competition and the work that Rolls-Royce do. Neil also spent time with the 6th form students talking about career paths into the engineering industry. He explained the advantages of apprentice schemes and the university routes into Rolls-Royce. Later in the day the year 8 students had a chance to build a model jet engine and learned the importance of teamwork, listening skills, problem solving and understanding instructions. The staff also spent time with Neil to explore the project, the prizes available and the route to the awards.

A word from the Head Teacher, Miss Iona Davies

The Techinquest visit was a valuable opportunity to further promote Science amongst primary school pupils and to build on the work done by our sixth form Science ambassadors. As a school we were glad to welcome prospective pupils. The enthusiasm of the primary school pupils augurs well for the future – I am confident that they will become confident and competent scientists, maintaining their positive attitude towards the subject.

Note from the team leader
We would like to thank Iona, our headteacher for her support in the development of our project, and we wish her well as she moves on to her new post.