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Tuesday 10th September 2019 7pm

Ysgol Uwchradd Caereinion

Welcome to our school

Hello, I’m Aggie and I am the head girl of Caereinion High School and I just wanted to say a few words about my experience with the school.

I am at the end of my seven years spent within the school and I could go on forever about my school life this far. I have had so many great memories here and have been introduced to amazing people, both friends and teachers.

If I could sum up this school in one word it would be “community”, because it’s the best one. Since the beginning of year seven I felt a part of a family being a pupil at this school. I have been supported in many different ways and have always felt heard, something that has benefitted me in ways that I am very grateful for. I was heard so much that they gave me the title of head girl and I have been able to listen to my peers as well, a title that I am so proud of.

Within this community I have had the opportunity to be in great sport teams, to go on amazing trips and learn an incredible amount. Caereinion, both the teachers and my peers have inspired me. I have been encouraged to try my hardest and aim the highest.

This school has helped put me onto a great path and I aim to do great things.


Head Girl

I’m Dylan, and in the sixth form I study biology, chemistry and maths and I am to study psychology this year in university, because I have a passion for helping others in any way I can. This is the kind of attitude I bring to my role as the school’s head boy. Over the last year I’ve had a very valuable experience fulfilling my role, and in the process have given myself and others the chance to voice their opinions.


Head Boy

Philip Jones

Probably perceived by many as not the best start to the New Term, but I believe the notice of Estyn Inspection of the School Service Provision across Powys is a welcome to those who are looking to improve standards.

A two day visit in June and then a formal week long period in July will enable the Inspection Team to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and Ysgol Caereinion have been invited to contribute to the inspection process. It is an invite which I readily accept on behalf of the Caereinion Cluster

It is an opportunity for the school to promote the dual entry language policy that we implement effectively and also an opportunity to promote the only truly bilingual education provision in a secondary school. Personally, I believe this is the way forward for the Authority and quite clearly, Caereinion will look to be at the heart of this debate.

All stakeholders are encouraged to contribute to the Inspection and the link is below. It is your opportunity to celebrate what we are achieving at the High School. We want to become a beacon of excellence and the more times we are mentioned in the inspection for a positive contribution will only serve us well in sustaining and developing education in this area.

Link: https://www.estyn.gov.wales/inspection-survey-powys

The school continues to foster relationships with the wider community. This week we held a joint meeting with COBRA and the WRU over developing all aspects of rugby provision and this follows in the wake of securing the funding for a 3G pitch thanks to the efforts of Powys and the Wales FA.

We are still pursuing a hockey surface for Llanfair Hockey Club through our Community Partnership Group and we have already had discussions with a Nottingham based provider regarding a revolutionary need surface “hockey plus” to ensure that we develop sporting facilities fit for the next generation

We have a record number of entrants competing at the Urdd Eisteddfod in Cardiff during half term with staff, parents and pupils heading South to represent the school. A number of pupils performed at a fundraising concert at the Institute and we will also be attending the 2022 Urdd Planning meeting later in June as the event comes to Montgomeryshire.

Finally despite the distant sound of willow hitting leather, we have continued to dominate the local rugby scene and the U’13s recently won the North Wales title.

Philip Jones


We are Caereinion

Caereinion Ydan Ni
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We are the COMMUNITY. We are a TEAM. We are CAEREINION.

You are not a NUMBER, you are a NAME. I am EMPOWERED. We are CAEREINION