Office Pro Plus free to pupils and staff

Office Professional Plus
Office Professional Plu
Office Professional Plus


Caereinion High School is proud to announce the new Microsoft Office Pro Plus Program to students and staff. This program provides free access to Office Pro Plus for students enrolled at Caereinion High School and staff of the school.

Any student who is currently enrolled or is an active member of staff is eligible and may download and install the full version of Office Pro on up to 5 devices (PC, MAC, and/or mobile device).

All current pupils and staff have school email accounts with their school computer logon name.
If your school user name is 1111 for example, your email address will be

Sign in with that email address and the password that you use to log in with at school here: or

On the home page you will see a link to install the full version of office. (Click on the words “Office365” to get to the home page)

You can log in to this email address in school too, and transfer files to the school system. So you can save homework from home and pick it up when you’re in school.
If you install OneDrive on your personal device you can configure it to automatically save online so that your files are available to you from home and in school.

Support for this software is only available directly from Microsoft and not the school.