It was another successful week for our Year 8 rugby team this week, with a safe victory over Welshpool High School. As we congratulate them, we wish them well as they now compete in the next round.

Year 12 Seren pupils participated in the Seren annual conference in Cefn Lea in Dolfor. Seren pupils are pupils who have excelled academically in their GCSE examinations. In the Seren Conference, representatives from some of the most prestigious universities provide information about applying to universities. There is also an opportunity to glean information about the opportunities available following academic success at GCSE level.

We were delighted to receive encouraging information about the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes which were sent to Shrewsbury on their way to Eastern Europe. The following message was received:

‘With all our Shrewsbury collected boxes having set off on their journey yesterday, I thought you would like to know that they are destined for Ukraine. Shrewsbury and Telford box checking centres collected just over 5700 boxes so you will see that you made a very meaningful contribution. Not only that but we know from comments at the warehouse that you packed some very fine boxes (recognisable from the school crest inside the boxes).’

Thank you very much, therefore, to all of you who packed a box or who contributed in any other way to the shoeboxes.

Thank you to all Year 10 parents who attended the Parents’ Evening on Tuesday evening. We are grateful to all the support we receive from parents, as we work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for our young people.

Year 11 pupils have started their mock examinations and we send them the same best wishes again this week as they continue with their examinations until Friday, December 14th.