Maths Buddies


Ffion Williams, Delyth Williams, Endaf Owen, Joseff Thomas, Caleb Davies and Michael Summers (Hannah Coe not in the photo).

Year 13 students at Caereinion High School continue to volunteer their support for lower school pupils in lessons and with literacy and numeracy.  The numeracy support project which is referred to as the ‘Maths Buddy’ scheme involves sixth form students taking part and offering support and encouragement  to Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils.  The younger pupils certainly enjoy the assistance they receive from the older students and feel at ease when asking for help if they are uncertain or need further explanation with a maths query.  The scheme not only helps younger pupils improve their maths but it also develops a sociable, friendly relationship between the lower school and the sixth form.  The sixth form students also benefit because it provides them with an understanding of teaching and hopefully this scheme may inspire some of these students to enter the teaching profession in the future.

In recognition of their commitment and support the sixth form Maths Buddies were rewarded with certificates at the end of half term.  The hours of volunteering given by these students will also go towards their Welsh Bacc. qualification.

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