Rocket Seeds – ‘The Results’

Last Spring students took part in an experiment with other schools from across the British Isles co-ordinated by the Royal Horticultural Society. The object was to grow seeds that had been to the International Space Station with Tim Peake in a blind test, to see whether there was a difference between the growth of seeds that had stayed on Earth, and those that went to Space.


The Results are now in and the RHS says:

“Overall we found that on average, the Earth seeds grew better than the space seeds, but not by much. We think this is most likely caused by the space seeds being slightly affected by radiation while on board the ISS. Despite this, they still grew and that is great news as it means there is still potential to grow food on long-term missions, or even another planet in the future!”

It has been a fantastic opportunity for students here at Caereinon to take part in science that has made a real contribution to the understanding of how humans might survive in space in the future.


Futher information about the results is available in a report called “Rocket Science: Our Voyage of Discovery” which can be found on the RHS website:

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