Ffion Williams, Delyth Williams, Endaf Owen, Joseff Thomas, Caleb Davies and Michael Summers (Hannah Coe not in the photo).

Year 13 students at Caereinion High School continue to volunteer their support for lower school pupils in lessons and with literacy and numeracy.  The numeracy support project which is referred to as the ‘Maths Buddy’ scheme involves sixth form students taking part and offering support and encouragement  to Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils.  The younger pupils certainly enjoy the assistance they receive from the older students and feel at ease when asking for help if they are uncertain or need further explanation with a maths query.  The scheme not only helps younger pupils improve their maths but it also develops a sociable, friendly relationship between the lower school and the sixth form.  The sixth form students also benefit because it provides them with an understanding of teaching and hopefully this scheme may inspire some of these students to enter the teaching profession in the future.

In recognition of their commitment and support the sixth form Maths Buddies were rewarded with certificates at the end of half term.  The hours of volunteering given by these students will also go towards their Welsh Bacc. qualification.


It is with great sadness that we report that Mrs Doreen Jones has retired from her duties as a lollipop lady at the end of this half term.  Doreen has been a familiar and friendly face to generations of our students at the beginning and the end of the day.  She will be greatly missed by staff and students at both the Primary and Secondary school.  We would like to pass on our sincere thanks and appreciation to Doreen for 42 years of dedicated service to the young people of our community.


Following their success at the Urdd National Eisteddfod at Bala last May, members of the Welsh Learners Recitation Group were treated to a free weekend at the Glanllyn Urdd centre near Bala from 3-5th October.  This gift was bequeathed by the late Mrs Eryl Walsh a Welsh Teacher at Rhymni High School.  It was her wish to award the special prize for Welsh Learners in the Eisteddfod and it was therefore a great honour for our pupils to attend.  The pupils certainly enjoyed their stay at Glanllyn participating in a number of outdoor activities including canoeing, climbing, high ropes course and of course 10-pin bowling.  They would like to thank the Urdd and all the staff at Glanllyn for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

(photo: Our Welsh learners enjoying messing about on the lake!)


The school habitat was enhanced with a very kind donation of saplings by the Woodland Trust.
Year 10 and 11 Agriculture students have been busy planting the saplings and it is hoped that in years to come these trees will form an ideal habitat for wildlife around the school. Following the tree planting the school was featured in the Woodland Trust magazine.


A representative from the British Red Cross visited school to give a very interesting talk to Year 10 Agriculture students regarding basic first aid knowledge.  After an introduction the students were encouraged to take part in a practical session.  Would you know how to deal with an emergency?  A simple way of remembering is ‘DR ABC’


D DANGER. Assess the situation: are there any dangers to yourself or the injured person?

R RESPONSE. Assess the person for responsiveness:  do they respond to your voice and being gently shaken?  If there is no response:

A AIRWAY. Open the airway; place one hand on the forehead, tilt the head back and lif the chin.

B BREATHING. Check breathing.  Look, listen and feel for breathing.  Look for chest movement, listen for sounds of breathing and feel for berath on your cheeck.  Do this for no more than ten seconds.  If the person is breathing normally, assess for life-threatening injuries and then place in the recovery position and maintain an open airway.  Call an ambulance.

C COMPRESSIONS. If they are NOT breathing normally, send a helper to call an ambulance and start cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), cycles of 30 chest compressions followed by 2 rescue breaths.  (If you are unwilling or unable to give rescue breaths, you can give chest compressions alone)



A meeting was jointly organised between the PTA and the school on internet safety for parents.  Representatives from Powys County Council’s Children Services gave a very interesting presentation.  The facts and statistics were astonishing and it was obvious that those parents who came to the evening were far better informed after attending the meeting.  Everybody had an opportunity to discuss these matters further over light refreshments provided by members of the PTA.